Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hypocrasy of Gulf Countries

Israeli tennis player is denied visa to play in Dubai Open. Many tennis tournaments or for that matter many sporting & entertainment events are held in Middle East these days, in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain. Such events feature activities, which are not permitted in these counties, like drinking liquor, women wearing short skirts. I always wonder, how can country be so hypocrite- at one side allow such things as part of driving tourism & showing their 'modern' face to the world and on the other hand not allowing their own subjects the same freedom.

Agreed that Gulf countries are hypocrites, but how could countries of 'free' world then allow prominent events to happen in such countries? Why can't WTA or say leading women players take stance that they won't play in such countries, until women from these countries are not granted freedom? Are other countries too dependent on Gulf countries (or their oil), that they can't take such stance?

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Too many things to do!

The number of things, I do on daily basis keep on increasing, both online & offline.

First, when I used to go online, my only purpose used to be check mails. Now, I have to check mails, check out social networking sites (I am trying to increase my facebook usage, but don't really get time), check google reader. I have to read blogs (n write sometimes as well), search n read lots of useless stuff, watch videos. So many things to do online.

Coming to other things, the number of newspapers n magazines that I wish to read has increased. The number of movies I have to watch keeps on piling, so does the number of books I want to read. There are many TV shows n football matches worth watching. Podcast is another thing which has crept in my life now ( One more thing to do). There is also incessant chatting n reading news on net continues.

Apart from these daily routines, there are many things you have to do. Meeting friends, going to restaurants, social functions (which I actually rarely attend)...the list goes on.

And of course, there is job that you have to do, to keep all these things going.

Day (or should I say life) is really small! So many things to do!