Saturday, January 24, 2009

Speed Limit: 5km/hr

Yesterday, I heard 2 news about Borivali. One was heard from a friend n I couldn't confirm it from other sources. But it could very well be true. Other, I saw it.

My friend told me today that a well-known 5-star hotel chain is planning new hotel in Borivali. Considering the number of offices that have come up on Malad link road, this could very well be true, as proposed site is only 10 min drive from Malad.

Other thing I noticed is the signboard at Borivali station. Speed Limit: 5km/hr. Even considering that sky walk construction is going on near Borivali Station (and since near any railway station hardly travel at speed more than 5km/hr), I found it as resignation from the Government that traffic at railway stations can't improve. Instead of taking steps to improve infrastructure, Government is lowering standards.

These two instances show how future of India is shaping. While private sector is busy providing world class lifestyle to people, Government is not able to keep up pace with it. I am not completely blaming the Government for it. In fact, it could be made mandetory for Private sector to develope infrastructure near their proposed developments. India won't be able to progress, just by having swanky malls, hotels & apartments; people should have some basic amenities.

The infrastructure in many Western counties was developed after Great Depression, because of government's fiscal spending. Hopefully, Indian Government will do similar things to boost infrastructure in India.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scientific research & studies

Last week, I noticed my cousin, aged 8, watching TV from hardly 2 feet away n nobody seemed to bother. I recalled my school days, when media (i.e., mainly newspapers) used to carry articles about bad effects of watching television, especially for children. There used to be guidelines about how many hours n from how much distance you should watch TV to minimise ill-effects. And now, all such discussions have ceased up. With advent of Computer, I think the whole concept of watching TV n for that matter any monitor from distance has gone away.

But we have new studies now. About Mobile phone. Innovation of this decade. There are many studies: you shouldn't put cell in your shirt pocket as it may damage your heart or one should avoid keeping cell in pant pockets as it may reduce sperm count, etc etc. Or even that mobile phones shouldn't be used by pregnant women as it affects unborne child.

Interesting how these studies prop up when a new device comes up. These studies are claimed to be scientific , but are ultimately forgotten. I always wonder who sponsors such studies. Would definitely like to research on such stuff. Where else you will get sponsored without bothering about the validity of results?