Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharing newspaper articles

I usually read newspaper during my commute to office. And many times you encounter news/ article which you would like to share with your friend. But it becomes quite an ordeal. You need to visit website of the newspaper, then find that particular article and then share it. Thus the article or news often remains unshared. Wouldn't it be nice if we could share newspaper articles more easily using QR codes? They have been used widely in advertisements these days and it would be great to expand it to each newspaper article.

It's a very convenient way to open a site if you have bar-code reader enabled phone in hand. No need to type addresses, just point phone towards the code and link opens. So you could have such code at the end of the news and if someone intends to share it, he would scan it and link ?would pop up asking you- Where would you like to share the article?- Facebook, Twitter, etc. All the social networking sites are based on this human inclination to 'share' and it would be great to extend it even to the non-virtual world.

And it's not restricted to newspaper, it could be extended to many parts of our lives. When I had visited Taiwan, these codes were present in several locations. You could just point your phone towards it and get information about the place. Not knowing Chinese language wasn't big roadblock when travelling across Taiwan because of this technology.

So this connection between real world and virtual world could be really helpful and could open up many more possibilities!


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Atul said...

Good point. In US I have seen houses with For Sale sign ( read as foreclosure) and a QR code under it. So you can just take a pic of it and get all the details about the house.


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