Tuesday, October 23, 2007

rugby WC n all

After WC of upsets, final didnt produce upset. SA won. NZ have made habit of losin after starting as favourites. Lets hope de ll win next WC at their home ground.

Listened 2 podcast of 'from our own correspondents' abt SA rugby. (these podcasts r really good...in fact all bbc podcasts r grt)( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/7053197.stm how it is tryin 2 turn rugby from game of whites 2 game of all ppl.

other thing abt rugby WC was the sponsors. all were french companies. SocGen, Orange, SNCF, , EDF, Pugeot. i kno WC was in france and many of these cos were MNCs. But fir bhi. for all tournaments now-a-days u ve global MNCs. This looked like sum Indian tournament with all PSUs sponsoring, ONGC, IOC et all. france is still dat socialist country with all labour laws n all. there was even strike of transport workers in france last week. at least there is some western country like India :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

starting again

writing on this blog after really long time...9 months...no topic as such, but just thot abt writing sumthing.

The main reason i stopped writing was, it used to take a lot of time. i used to decide on subject, used to research it on net for perfect foto for it n perfect title n all. always wanted my post to b like a formal essay n all. sumthing like an article on websites or in newspapers. so sumtimes used to take more dan an hour for a single post. so when i was pressed 4 time, i stopped writing blog.

so dis time i ve decided not 2 put emphasis on how i m goin 2 write. just goin 2 put, what i feel. i hope it wont b dat time consuming them n i can continue blogging.
so wud start scribbling sumthing from tomorrow.

PS: just noticed dat dis post took not more dan 10 min :)