Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things are not always black & white

Though about writing some random stuff on blog after long time. This may be written out of my passion for European sports.

IPL also has this tie-breaker 1-over thing when match is tied, on the lines of American sports. I wonder why there should be some decider to get ultimate winner. Why can't we accept that two teams were matched throughout the match, say based on skills, so that the contest resulted in draw.

That's what happens in football leagues. You often hear the expressions like- Teams were so very well matched that draw is fair result, Our team played well & we deserved a point, if not 3. So the point system provides opportunity for teams to be matched & at the same time discourages draws by giving 2 teams 1 points instead of 3 for winning. Of course there are instances where decision has to be made, when penalty shootouts are introduced. But those are exceptional Cup competitions n normal service resumes in League games. So for most part of season, there is fair opportunities for teams to be matched.

Is there any compulsion that matches have to be decided one way or the other? Things are always not black & white! Neither in sports, nor in life!

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