Saturday, May 24, 2008

similar IPL n EPL teams

Football season finished this week and what a great season it was! Man U won double :D...
with IPL season also reaching its climax, I was just trying to match IPL teams with EPL clubs. Here are some of the relations that I could think of

1. Mumbai Indians - Chelsea
Both teams are owned by Billionaires( Ambani n Abromovich)...both hail from financial capitals...both teams like to spend money on aged players ( think of Jayasuriya n how much money did Chelsea spend on Sheva)... n both teams are blues and sponsored by adidas

2. Kings XI Punjab - Man Utd
It was difficult for me to relate Man Utd to any IPL team...but here are some similarities...both hail from north west of country...both are at top ( Punjab are 2nd...but fir bhi..)...both are reds

3. Delhi Daredevils - Liverpool
Another team from north west...just south of punjab (just like liverpool is to the south of manchester)...another reds...loads of talent, but still their highest ambition is to finish 4th :P...u can have yamuna derby or something, like merseyside derby...

4. Kolkata Knight Riders - Newcastle utd
Amazing fan base...ppl r really crazy for game....both were black kit...spend a lot on players, but no reaturns...destined to b a midtable team

5. Deccan chargers - Tottenham Hotspurs
Great players...but team never gels....just trying hard not to be at the bottom

6. Rajasthan Royals - Everton
Spend less, have a great coach, good team ethics n you ve team that ll challenge for top...warne has done amazing job, considering his meager resources, just like David Moyse of IPL is much greater achievement than Everton's 5th place finish...but both are again blue...n Jaipur is near to IPL ka Liverpool, i.e., Delhi

Still thinking about Bangalore n Chennai...Chennai can be some south coast team, say Portsmouth n Bangalore can be something like Fulham (owned by millionaire, but struggling at bottom)

of course there can be some changes in these teams..deccan can be considered as liverpool...but i ve taken into account geographical relation n team colours as well...any suggestions about these similarities?